London: Tottenham to increase planned stadium?

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London: Tottenham to increase planned stadium? Latest amendment to the Tottenham stadium scheme includes capacity increase from 56,000 upwards. How many seats will be added? This depends on local council.


Recently released minutes from Haringey Council meeting suggest Tottenham Hotspur submitted one more application to change their stadium scheme. After successfully adding a new ground floor, now Spurs hope to add more seats to the proposed stadium.

Since 2008 the planned capacity was just slightly above 56,000. Now, as the team are most likely to host an NFL franchise, it should rise to no less than 60,000. The American football league recommends 65,000, but increase of 9,000 might not be feasible in the case of Tottenham.

No official information as to the expansion was revealed yet, so the final desired capacity is unclear. Still, new seats should be welcomed enthusiastically by fans as Tottenham have thousands on their season ticket waiting list and have to match competition of Arsenal and Chelsea (both 60k+) in terms of matchday revenue.

The application will be presented to the pre-application committee on July 23. This is when we may hear about the final size. Then it still has to pass the council’s vote, of course.

Aside from the increased capacity, the application includes adding more flats in the southern part of the plot, partly on the site of current White Hart Lane. Also, if passed, changes will include a new hotel in that same part.

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