Rio de Janeiro: Nervous attempts to prepare Maracana’s field

source: CNN; author: michał

Rio de Janeiro: Nervous attempts to prepare Maracana’s field In just two weeks the stadium will host its first World Cup game. A month later it’ll witness the final. Meanwhile, intensive use over the past weeks severely challenged its field’s quality.


As Maracana is Brazil’s most iconic stadium and one of those with biggest number of tenant clubs, it housed many games since the reopening in 2013. As CNN informs, 37 matches were held here in just 17 weeks. As a comparison, many stadiums with a single tenant need nearly 2 years to see so many fixtures.

While the number of games is impressive, it’s also an intense exercise for the playing field. Now that FIFA took over at the stadium, the pitch sees additional lighting to aid grass growth before the first World Cup game.

Time is of the essence, especially that Maracana will host more games than any other stadium of the World Cup. Starting with the Argentina-Bosnia tie on June 15, every 3-5 days one more game will come, again making it challenging to sustain high quality until the final on July 13.