Welcome to Store.StadiumDB.com!

source: StadiumDB.com; author: StadiumDB.com team

Welcome to Store.StadiumDB.com! Christmas is the time for dreams to come true and we're making ours a reality right now. We're opening an independent shop with stadium models, something we've been thinking of for years. Care to take a look?


From now on we won't only be supplying football stadium news and photos, but also miniature stadium models. It's the thing we dreamed of and we hope you'll be equally excited as we were when we got our hands on the very first models.

The story behind today's opening of Store.StadiumDB.com is a simple one. Our passion for stadiums led us to visit as many as possible and collect whatever is connected with them. Then two years back we started thinking of collecting the stadiums themselves, in miniature. Having analysed various technologies we teamed up with an innovative 3D printing project – Stadio.

Together we worked on a start-up range of 11 models, that were first released for sale in Poland as a test. Seeing the interest over the past weeks we now decided to expand and give everyone around the world the chance to get hold of a stadium model.

Our initial range consists of 11 stadia from Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain with further one awaiting its première as we speak and more in progress. This is our StadiumDB Collection that we hope to develop if you find the models interesting and worth having. As the range grows we will also try to create interesting national ranges for certain countries. But enough about the future, let's get back to here and now.

All models are (or will soon be, some L-sized ones are still being prepared) available in three sizes, from small ones to larger, resembling professional architectural mock-ups. We hoped to keep the pricing as reasonable as possible, but for our Store opening we also have a 10% discount for anyone interested, which you can read about in our discount section.

As for the technology, each model is created with a couple hundred ultra-thin layers of gypsum powder glued together with acrylic resin, printed individually as you place your order. That's the technologic story told short, to read more you may visit the Store's Model creation section. The technology is a developing one and we hope to improve the models over time, though we already see they have significant advantages over some more traditional miniatures. And now here they are:

StadiumDB Collection 001: San Siro
San Siro San Siro 
 002: Santiago Bernabeu
 Santiago Bernabeu  Santiago Bernabeu
  003: Old Trafford
 Old Trafford  Old Trafford
  004: Camp Nou
 Camp Nou  Camp Nou
  005: Allianz Arena
 Allianz Arena  Allianz Arena
  006: Anfield
 Anfield  Anfield
  007: Arena do Gremio
 Arena do Gremio  Arena do Gremio
  008: Stadion Wojska Polskiego
 Stadion Wojska Polskiego  Stadion Wojska Polskiego
  009: Stadion Henryka Reymana
 Stadion Henryka Reymana  Stadion Henryka Reymana
  010: Stadion Miejski w Poznaniu
 Stadion Lecha  Stadion Lecha
  011: Stadion Miejski we Wrocławiu
 Stadion Miejski we Wrocławiu  Stadion Miejski we Wrocławiu