Santa Clara: Another fatal accident at Levi’s Stadium site

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Santa Clara: Another fatal accident at Levi’s Stadium site Second worker was killed yesterday at Levi’s Stadium construction site after an accident during truck unloading. Works were halted only for one day, but the tragedy certainly impacts morale among the crew.


For the second time in four months, tragedy has brought the blink-of-an-eye construction pace of the new 49ers stadium to a halt, after a Vacaville man working at the site was killed while unloading building materials at the site early Monday.

The Santa Clara County Medical Examiner-Coroner's Office identified the worker as Edward Erving Lake II, a 60-year-old Vacaville resident. He was unloading a bundle of rebar from a flatbed truck when it fell on top of him, causing serious injuries, according to Cal-OSHA, the state's workplace safety watchdog. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Project co-director Jonathan Harvey of Turner/Devcon said Santa Clara police and fire officials determined Lake's death was accidental and work is scheduled to resume Tuesday.

Previous accident in Santa Clara occured in June, when a worker was found dead in an elevator shift.