Design and construction: Al Sadr City Stadium

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Design and construction: Al Sadr City Stadium After turbulent years Iraq is now undergoing a construction boom and stadiums are one of its most visible examples. Today one more Iraqi project joins our database, both as design rendering and construction site gallery.


Almost at the heart of Baghdad, near the famous Al-Shaheed Monument and along one of major arteries of the city, this new football-specific stadium is being built. It won’t be the only one nearby as the surrounding estates hide 5 more venues, with national one among them.

Al Sadr City Stadium

Al Sadr City Stadium takes its temporary name from the Al Sadr City district and is under construction since summer 2012. The concrete structure started slightly leaving the ground by the end of 2012 and by late 2014 it’s going to be the largest football-only stadium in the metropolis.

From the start its facades were to have perforations shaped along the rules of traditional arts, similar move to one done in Najaf. And just like Najaf, the venue’s shape was to be more oval at the beginning and later changed to a more rectangular one.