England: Further clubs support safe standing

source: FSF.org.uk; author: michał

England: Further clubs support safe standing The list of clubs appealing to test and potentially allow standing areas back inside English stadia is growing. Back in January it was just Aston Villa, now it’s 10 clubs in England and Scottish Premier League.


Associating over 200,000 fans from across the UK, Football Supporters Federation has been campaigning for introduction of safe standing sections inside British stadiums for several years now.

Their proposition is called ‘rail seating’ and comprises steel railings that have basic seats incorporated that can either be folded or opened, making transformation from standing to seating cost-effective and safe.

FSF’s been doing road shows at clubs in the UK to gain their support and have proven to have a convincing case. In January Aston Villa became the first side to support them, later followed by 7 other clubs: Brentford, Bristol City, Crystal Palace, Derby County, Hull City, Peterborough United and AFC Wimbledon.

Last weekend FSF confirmed that two more teams are backing the scheme – Burnley and Watford.

“While we must emphasise that persistent standing in all-seater stadia such as Turf Moor is against ground regulations, we recognise that a not insignificant number of our fans prefer to watch football standing,”  says Lee Hos, chief executive of Burnley FC.

“We therefore support the Football Supporters’ Federation in calling on the government to permit a few small-scale trials of such to determine, if successful, the criteria under which we maybe be able to introduce safe standing at Turf Moor at a future date.”