Canada: Historical urinal, anyone?

source:; author: michał

Canada: Historical urinal, anyone? Pieces of the pitch or goalposts are a frequent item when old stadiums are being made to souvenirs. But giant screen, pitch lighting or urinal troughs – that's not something fans usually buy for souvenirs. Or is it?


Winnpieg's Investors Group Field earned some criticism over its final cost, which exceeded all estimates. Could this be why Blue Bombers have prepared an unusually ich offer of souvenirs before they leave Canad Inns Stadium?

The 59-year-old stadium won't live to get 60 as parts of it are to be dismantled in upcoming weeks. Parts of it are to be auctioned among supporters, starting on November 29. The sale is projected to last until December 16 or sooner, if everything goes.

And in Winnipeg's case 'everything' is really close to everything a stadium can offer. Of course traditional items like pieces of the pitch, goalposts or old balls are what one would expect from a souvenir sale like this. But parts of the jumbotron, pitch lighting or urinal troughs. Now, what would be better than owning something men have been urinating on for 59 years?