Naming rights: One more deal for Allianz?

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Naming rights: One more deal for Allianz? Insurance giant already bought rights for three stadiums in Germany, France and Australia. Will Poland deliver their fourth arena? Municipality of Zabrze hope so as they negotiate with Allianz, writes.


City of Zabrze is running currently the largest stadium construction project in Poland with their new 32,000 stadium expected to open first three stands in 2013, leaving only main grandstand awaiting complete rebuilding.

The stadium is under way partly thanks to the interest of Allianz Polska, Polish branch of the German insurance company. Allianz bought majority shares in local football side Górnik Zabrze, 14-time domestic champions and once a great European club.

Back in 2007 the idea was to bring Górnik back to its position that has been deteriorating for decades. New stadium was one way to achieve this and partly due to the pressure Zabrze municipality proceeded with a new venue design for Górnik.

Allianz has since slowed down, decreasing their engagement in the club, but are still among largest shareholders and sponsors, keeping one of two prime spots on players jerseys. Will the insurance giant also claim prime location on the new stadium’s facades?

As vice-president of Zabrze Krzysztof Lewandowski announced talking to, the municipality isn’t sure yet when any naming rights tender should start. As the construction process is divided into two phases, sponsor may be chosen before the whole structure is complete, but may also be selected after all four stands are complete.

But no matter when the tender starts, Lewandowski claims initial talks with Allianz as the preferred sponsor are already ongoing. As this was the most probable brand to be approached since 2007, this news came rather as a confirmation than surprise.

No possible name of the stadium has been mentioned so far, but practice of both naming rights market and Allianz naming rights policy suggests it won’t be Allianz Arena, Allianz Stadium or Allianz Riviera, as all these brand names are already in use in Munich, Sydney and Nice, respectively.

Could it be Allianz Stadion, as the most common Polish name for stadiums might suggest? We decided to visualise how this might look, using official renderings for background:

Allianz Stadion? - tak mógłby się nazywać nowy stadion Górnika

Allianz Stadion? - tak mógłby się nazywać nowy stadion Górnika