Iraq: Yet another new stadium within 30 months

source: Aswat al-Iraq /; author: michał

Iraq: Yet another new stadium within 30 months Thinking of Iraq many people get the image of battlefields and war damage. But few realize that now it’s actually one of the World’s largest stadium construction sites and news of new venues being under way come nearly every month.


What we show in our database is just a very small piece of what is a massive redevelopment project of the whole country. Sports infrastructure plays a vital role in this project and construction sites from Basrah (both large and smaller one) and Najaf are just proof of that.

Those we can show you, but dozens of other stadiums are out of reach for now. Just as the complex of four large stadiums in Erbil (Kurdish part) that was announced in June with main venue having 100,000 capacity and three other of 50,000 each.

And finally today independent news agency Aswat al-Iraq informs that a Russian contractor was already chosen for new 30,000-seater in Diala province. Despite the company name not being revealed, timeline is officially set at 30 months.

Those are just briefs as our insight into Iraq is very limited, but hopefully we’ll be able to deliver more facts soon.