Iraq: 250,000 seats in one complex?!

source:; author: michał

Iraq: 250,000 seats in one complex?! As Kurdistani press agency AKnews informs, work is expected to start on a new “sports city”. This one, in Erbil, will overshadow all other complexes like this with its scale. Four largest venues are set to hold 250,000 people altogether.


Sports cities are characteristic to the Middle Eastern countries and comprise of one main venue and several, sometimes tens of others. As an example, a sports city is being built in Basra with main stadium of 65,000, secondary of 10,000 and a few smaller ones.

Similar “sports cities” are to be erected in Jeddah and Dubai, each comprising extensive infrastructure for sports development among youth, as this is the main idea of such complexes, not revenues.

However, Erbil is said to build a city larger than any other in the Middle East. Kurdistan Olympics Committee, according to source cited by the agency, has submitted a project that will include main stadium of 100,000 seats and three (!) secondary ones for 50,000 each.

What is more, AKnews informs the Kurdistan Regional Government has already sanctioned this idea. The project will be put to tender in the coming few months and should be completed within two years.