Poland: Investor and contractor lawyer-up in Wrocław

source: Gazeta.pl; author: michał

Poland: Investor and contractor lawyer-up in Wrocław First lawsuit has already been filed by German contractors Max Bögl to stop the payment of bank guarantees demanded by Wrocław municipality. But in just a week court battles may start for good – “Gazeta Wyborcza” reports.


In early July municipal company Wrocław 2012 demanded 65m zloty compensations from general contractor Max Bögl, arguing that not all works were done despite the new Municipal Stadium having been opened several months ago. Those elements that were commissioned also have exceeded all deadlines defined in the contract.

German company, as was predicted, denied any claims and forced the municipality to ask banks for the payment of guarantees that were made a few years back, with the signing of the contract.

Max Bögl in returned filed a lawsuit, arguing the attempt to get money from banks is unjustified. If the court agrees, any payment will be blocked.

Tension around the unfinished stadium is rising and may reach peak in just days with both sides preparing to launch full-scale court battles, not only about bank guarantees, but about all of the construction and financing process. If no solution is found by the time this war starts, predictions say of at least several years until the case is resolved by court.