Euro 2012: All-time attendance record confirmed!

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Euro 2012: All-time attendance record confirmed! In total, Euro 2012 games were seen by some 1,440,000 people. Even keeping in mind that some sold tickets went unused, this is a very impressive figure. Euro 1996 record has been beaten by over 200,000 people.


We did our best to keep you informed about attendances throughout the tournament and today we’re doing this for the first time. But the end comes along with great news – Euro 2012 has set a new record in terms of total attendance. Exactly 1,440,896 people watched the 32 games, meaning England’s record has been exceeded by 204,759 people.

Since early in group phase average attendances per game grew very slightly to reach 47,481 people at each fixture. Compared to previous Euro tournaments, only West Germany saw greater crowds in 1988, but those were times of just 8 best teams. Low number of games combined with massive German stadia (back then with terraces) gives a record that will most probably never be beaten.

Of course we should all remember the numbers above are those of tickets sold, not people inside the stadiums. This is important due to thousands of tickets being unused despite having been distributed.

Below you may find a table with average attendances per stadium:

StadiumAverage attendance
Olympic Stadium Kyiv 63,890
National Stadium Warsaw 55,896
Donbass Arena 47,700
Municipal Stadium Wroclaw 41,129
Arena Gdansk 38,961
Municipal Stadium Poznan 38,480
Metalist Stadium 37,039
Arena Lviv 32,607