Euro 2012: All group games nearly sold out

source:; author: michał

Euro 2012: All group games nearly sold out One could see empty seats inside the stadiums during Euro 2012 group phase, but all venues have so far had average attendance of over 90% of their capacity.


We already know that only a disaster could take all-time record away from Poland and Ukraine in terms of Euro games attendances. Now let's take a look at the numbers of each stadium.

First are the grounds that have already ended their part of the tournament:

Municipal Stadium Wrocław  44,308 41,129 92,8%
Municipal Stadium Poznan


38,480 91,6%
Metalist Stadium  38,500 37,039 96,2%
Arena Lviv  34,915 32,607 93,4%

Now here are the grounds that are still hosting last 7 games. Please keep in mind their numbers are bound to change to some extent.

Olympic Stadium Kyiv  65,720 63,980 97,3%
National Stadium Warsaw


56,117 96,5%
Donbass Arena  50,055 48,033 97,0%
Arena Gdansk  40,818 39,031 95,6%