Canada: Yet another delay in Winnipeg

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Canada: Yet another delay in Winnipeg Though the club was denying claims of possible postponement of Investors Group Field's opening, those now came true. Official statement announces that instead of September 2012, the venue will be ready in early 2013.


Opening of the Investors Group Field in Winnipeg was planned for July 2012. Then, in May, Blue Bombers informed late September is more likely. Delays were allegedly caused, among others, by weather in winter time.

Now further delay is official as the club dismisses chances to move in this year. Early 2013 is the official deadline now as the club apologize their fans and announce staying at Canad Inns Stadium this year.

Reasons for this change are again connected with weather. It is said heavy rainfall and strong wind are making some works on the ground's cover very difficult and thus provoke delays.