Poland: No lights for Euro 2012 games in Wroclaw?

source: RP.pl; author: michał

Poland: No lights for Euro 2012 games in Wroclaw? Though it was supposed to be delivered by early April, external illumination of Wroclaw’s Euro 2012 venue will not be ready until end of May. There is also a risk of works being finished after three games of the tournament – “Rzeczpospolita” reads.


Wroclaw Municipal Stadium’s deadlines were already switched several times as construction delays exceed one year. Last annex signed by municipality and general contractor Max Boegl gave the workers time until March 31st to deliver all of the ground. Only external illumination was supposed to be done several days after that deadline.

However works not only weren’t done so far, but were also halted for a few days last week. Severe conflict between contractors that has been affecting this investment since November 2011 came back again as Imtech, company that resigned and left the site in April, refused to cover expenses of illumination’s manufacturer and subcontractor, Candelux.

The Warsaw-based company thus halted deliveries for part of the venue’s 700-lamp illumination system. The situation has been temporarily resolved late this week with works going forward and reaching, as officials claim, 80%. Information that works may not end in time for lighting to be ready for Euro 2012 games hasn’t been ruled out yet.