Poland: Wrocław’s illumination given first test-drive

source: StadiumDB.com; author: michał

Poland: Wrocław’s illumination given first test-drive Though last week investors feared it might not be ready at all for Euro 2012, the system of 700 LED lamps was tested yesterday. Not fully configured yet, but first impression is a rather good one – check for yourselves!


Early last week the situation seemed extremely tense as deliveries of illumination system from Warsaw to Wrocław had been halted. Even the press officer of Wrocław 2012 (investor) Magdalena Malara refused to give any guarantees whether the system will be done by the end of Euro 2012.

This uncertainty was based on an ongoing conflict between the manufacturer of lamp system Candelux and former subcontractor at the Wrocław stadium, Imtech. Imtech left the construction site in April and didn’t pay for illumination, forcing Candelux to seize works. Eventually all ended well after serious negotiations and last shipment of lamps left Warsaw on Tuesday.

- It should first shine on Friday – declared Paweł Karpiniewicz of Candelux and was proven right last night, when the system was tested for the first time.

Illumination consisting of 700 lamps was located on two rings inside the stadium, behind the exterior wrap. Architects of the ground, JSK Architekci, and Candelux prepared 16 themes that can be presented with colourful lights, both static and dynamic.

There is no information so far as to which of those will be used during Euro 2012. Similarly no-one could confirm on Friday whether the lighting system will be used during other events, most importantly league fixtures of Śląsk Wrocław. As it turns out economical analysis is yet to be done and lighting, though impressive, may be too expensive for regular use.