Yeni Ordu Stadyumu

Capacity20 000
Country Turkey
ClubsOrduspor 1967, 52 Orduspor FK
Inauguration 23/10/2021 (Orduspor 1967 - Kırıkkale Büyük Anadoluspor, 0-4)
Construction 07/2017 - 2021
Cost TRY 162 million
Design Alper Aksoy Architects
Contractor Akgün İnşaat, Fors Yapı
Address Durugöl, Spor Alanı, 52200 Altınordu/Ordu, Turkey


Yeni Ordu Stadyumu – stadium description

The stadium is situated in the Durugöl neighbourhood of Ordu, a city in the northern part of Turkey. The venue sits only 100 metres from the shores of the Black Sea.

A plot of land was selected for the construction site where the pitches of amateur teams used to be located. Works started in July 2017 and for a long time proceeded at an excellent pace. After 15 months, the main structure of the stands, roof and facades were ready. This led to the assumption that the grand opening could take place in 2019.

Unfortunately, the works slowed down. In 2019, the facility still lacked seats, a scoreboard and lighting. The area around the stadium also left a lot to be desired. It was necessary to carry out landscape works.

New tenders for the completion of works had to be announced. However, this process did not go very well. To illustrate the situation, it is enough to say that the seats in the stands were not installed until October 2020.

As a result of delays, the inauguration was postponed several times. The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in early 2020 did not help either. Ultimately, the first match was played on October 23, 2021.

The arena was built on an ellipse plan. The white roof slightly protrudes beyond the outline of the rest of the stadium. It is snow-white, while the facade is a bit metallic grey. Windows are visible in the facade, as a large part of the back-up facilities is used for residential and educational purposes.

The auditorium consists of compact, single-tier stands with a capacity of 20,000. The seating is arranged in a white and purple mosaic (the colours of two local clubs). There are 84 places for disabled fans at the stadium. Spectators who value comfort have 25 boxes at their disposal. Journalists can use a conference room for 100 people and a media seating area that can accommodate up to 200 of them. The players have 4 dressing rooms with enough space to warm up.

Interestingly, the stadium has a sports high school with 12 classrooms and a hostel for 40 people. The venue can be used 7 days a week as there are several training rooms for different sports at the rear of the stadium.

The arena was built on an area of 97,000 square metres. The parking lot can accommodate 554 vehicles.



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