Yeni Batman Stadyumu

Capacity15 000
Country Turkey
ClubsBatman Petrolspor
Inauguration 10/2018 (Batman Petrolspor - Tepecikspor, 2-0)
Construction 2014-2018
Cost TRY 100 million
Contractor Güneştekin İnşaat, MBD İnşaat


Batman Stadyumu – stadium description

Batman is a city known internationally largely for its name but for Turkey it's an important industrial hub in the east of the country, operating Turkey's biggest oil fields. It's thus no wonder that the city continues to grow at an unbelievable rate, going from 3,000 in 1950s to almost 400,000 by 2015.

This also explains why Batman was one of the first cities included in the nationwide stadium programme, back in 2011. It surely wasn't the level of local football because Batman Petrolspor is balancing between 3rd and 4th tier of domestic football.

Ironically, the city had to wait much longer than many others to receive its government-funded stadium. By the end of 2013 the tender was opened for construction and excavation began early into 2014. The contract gave 800 days for delivery for some TRY 46 million. But, while the stadium was structurally ready by the end of 2016, it only opened in late 2018, following delayed finishing works and the grass being burnt by the sun. In the end the governor of Batman confirmed total expense of 100 million.

It should be noted that the cost didn't include only the stadium for 15,000 people, the 12-hectare plot also has a natatorium and a small athletics stadium. It's the city's largest complex, located beside the southern external ring-road.

Architecturally the stadium is simple if not ascetic. It's understandable if we take into account its price and necessity to meet all crucial FIFA and UEFA regulations for international games. Single-tiered auditorium is elevated above ground level to give better sightlines, however the effect has been spoilt by a largely controversial thick fence (almost 3-meter tall) obstructing the view of most spectators, should they not move to upper roads.

Characterised by very low-hanging roof, the stadium protects fans well from the burning sun, however is also compromises camera positions for broadcast, as proven during first 2018 matches.



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