Ümraniye Belediyesi Şehir Stadyumu

Capacity3 513
Country Turkey


Ümraniye Belediyesi Şehir Stadyumu – stadium description

What did the stadium in Ümraniye look like before the expansion began?

At the beginning of the 21st century, the stadium in the northern part of the Ümraniye district, located in the Asian part of Istanbul, had only one small stand on the eastern side, with an athletics track running around the pitch. A small club building stood in the north-east corner.

Who does Ümraniye stadium serve?

The facility is hosted by Ümraniyespor football club, which was founded in 1938. The team recorded promotion to the third tier of the competition in 2014, reached the second league level two years later and won historic promotion to the Süper Lig in 2022.

How was Ümraniye stadium developed?

In the 21st century, the stadium and its surroundings were systematically expanded, including the construction of a full-size training pitch with an artificial turf to the east of the stadium (a modest stand was built next to it in the 2011/12 season). In the 2010/11 campaign, the athletics track was removed from the stadium, and in the 2015/16 season a second full-size training pitch was built just behind the main playing field, on the south side.

In 2016, an additional stand was built on the west side. In 2016-2017, a new, by far the largest, covered stand was built behind the north goal. It was constructed as part of the arena expansion project, which included the erection of similar stands also along the pitch (on both sides) together with corner sections on the north side. The structure as a whole was to be U-shaped, leaving an open space behind the south goal.

The construction of more stands was put on hold, but the new north one was accompanied by a sizable administration building right behind it.

What are the future plans for Ümraniye stadium?

At the end of 2021, the local authorities presented a new design, according to which further expansion of the stadium would take place in the direction of the construction of further stands around the pitch with similar parameters to the new north stand, until the structure is fully enclosed. The target capacity is to be 9300 spectators and the stadium would grow to become the second most important football venue in the Anatolian part of Istanbul (after Fenerbahçe Stadium).

The proposal also includes the construction of many other facilities around the stadium, with an arena for motorsport competitions to be built right next to it, and, among others, a new athletics facility to be developed a little further away.

Following Ümraniyespor's promotion to the Süper Lig in 2022, ad hoc renovation works were carried out at the stadium to adapt it to the licensing requirements. This included the installation of floodlighting. The club's promotion to the Süper Lig raises the prospects of the ambitious stadium expansion project and prioritises it over the construction of other facilities planned in its surroundings.

What does Ümraniye Belediyesi Şehir Stadyumu look like?

As it looks today, the stadium has stands on the east side (the main one), the west side and behind the north gate (by far the highest). All stands are roofed and the capacity of the stadium is 3513 spectators. Just behind the north stand is the wide club building. Surrounding the stadium are training and recreational pitches (including two full-size ones), tennis courts and car parks.