Corendon Airlines Park (Antalya Stadyumu)

Capacity33 000
Country Turkey
Inauguration 26/10/2015 (Antalyaspor - Beşiktaş, 1-5)
Construction 23/06/2013 - 10/2015
Cost TRY 103 million
Design AZ Aksu
Contractor Akay İnşaat
Address Meltem, 07030 Antalya, Turkey


Corendon Airlines Park – stadium description

Construction of the new central football stadium in Antalya was launched in June 2013, following several years of planning and announcements. The building is located in western Antalya (under a mile from Akdeniz Üniversitesi Stadyumu), replacing former indoor arena.

Works delivered by Akay were expected to take 800 days, but eventually ended after 992 days, leaving the contractor with fines to pay. Still, final price tag on the stadium rose from under TRY 80 million to roughly 100 million (€32m / $36m).

The building with floor space of 87,000 square meters has a very interesting form. Despite “rectangular” layout for football it actually built within a perfect circle. This unusual combination resulted with end stands having 4 tiers (!).

Three upper balconies have only 5-6 rows each and are placed on top of one-another, which makes the stadium unique in its seating layout. That said, skyboxes (roughly 40, depending on layout) are placed very traditionally along the sides, between main seating tiers.

The roof covers not only the stands, but also the upper promenades behind them. From there fans in the southern end have a great view of the Mediterranean Sea and hotel district.

The roof’s complete surface is 16,000 square meters, of which 75% is covered by photovoltaic panels. There are around 6,000 single batteries on the roof, generating 7,200 kWh daily. This makes it Turkey’s first solar-powered stadium, although of course on matchdays it requires energy from the grid too. It’s on non-matchdays that the building offsets its use.



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