Capacity7 800
Country Sweden
ClubsIFK Eskilstuna, Eskilstuna City, Eskilstuna United
Inauguration 1924
Costruction 1923-1924
Renovations 2002, 2008
Record attendance 22,491 (IFK Eskilstuna - GAIS, 1963)
Design Olov Gynt
Address Balsta Alle, 63362 Eskilstuna, Sverige


Tunavallen – stadium description

City and United sharing a ground?! Sure, as long as it's Eskilstuna, not Manchester. It is here that teams bearing these names share a ground with third, perhaps most known IFK Eskilstuna. And what they share is among the world's weirdest stadiums.

Tunavallen in its initial form was built back in 1924 and could take up to 22,000 people, mostly standing and only 874 of the viewers under any cover. Record game of 1964 between IFK Eskilstuna and GAIS brought 22,491 spectators. Earlier, in 1958, the venue was host to World Cup games.

The old ground was replaced with new structures however. This took place in 2002 with two grandstands being placed alongside the pitch. Capacity was set at 7,800 with a small standing section behind one goal. The ground is prepared for enlarging to even 14,000 if end stands were to be built. But surely the most distinctive feature of this stadium is the fact that 15-floor apartment buildings were built in each corner. Now we need to ask – should we count the residents to capacity?



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