Capacity6 432
Country Sweden
ClubsGefle IF
Inauguration 20/05/2015 (Gefle IF - GIF Sundsvall, 3-1)
Construction 04/2014 - 05/2015
Cost SEK 140 million
Design Johan Skoog arkitektkontor AB
Contractor Byggtec Gävleborg AB
Address Gavlehovsvägen 15, 806 33 Gävle, Sweden


Gavlevallen – stadium description

Compact and steep stands (of 10 rows at highest point) and enclosed corner walls give this stadium in eastern Sweden a very intimate feeling. All fans are close to the field and sightlines are further improved by all of the audience being raised above field level.

This design, created by local architect Johan Skoog, was implemented due to extremely limited possibilities of expanding the old Strömvallen, a venue much closer to the city center. Encompassed by water and with one grandstand listed as monument, the traditional football ground proved unsuitable for reform.

That’s why professional football had to relocate way up north, forcing shuttle buses to take fans to the new stadium. This time, however, the stadium will have room to grow if needed. It stands in Gävle’s biggest sport center, on the site of former parking places.

The stadium took just over a year to build between 2014 and 2015 and just like the old one it was built along the east-west axis. With a limited number of standing room the ground is able to hold just over 6,400 people.



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