Gradski Stadion Subotica

Capacity13 000
Country Serbia
ClubsFK Spartak Subotica
Inauguration 06.06.1936
Renovations 1972, 1978
Address Park Rajhl Ferenca, 24 000 Subotica


Gradski Stadion Subotica – stadium description

Opened in June 1936, the stadium was supposed to become centerpiece of an extensive recreation complex. The plans were stopped by WWII and haven’t been finished to date. Apart from the park-surrounded stadium there are only two training pitches operating.

The initial shape isn’t easy to recognize today as the stadium went through redevelopment in 1970s, receiving an unusual form. Despite having a running track, stands are rectangular, resulting in corner sections having very poor sightlines and currently being mostly closed to the public.

The ground used to hold even 28,000 people, but this isn’t the case anymore as no major redevelopment was done since 1970s, with only fresh concrete poured onto dilapidating stands recently. Due to safety restrictions capacity is set at 13,000, but with most of those places being terracing, the arena doesn’t meet UEFA standards for international games.



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