Dasarath Rangasala Stadium (Dasharath Rangashala Stadium)

Capacity25 000
5000 (Seats)
Country Nepal
ClubsNew Road Team, Ranipokhari Corner Team, Three Star Club, Tribhuvan Army Club, Manang Marshyangdi Clu
Inauguration 1956
Renovations 1998, 2011


Dasarath Rangasala – stadium description

Nepali national stadium was built in 1956 and to date hasn’t changed almost at all with its original stands preserved. It has one grandstand with seats and partial cover and remaining sections being open and ‘C’ shaped. Since the very beginning it’s been the country’s central sports and cultural venue, just to mention the fact that majority of Nepal’s top league clubs play their home games here.

It went through several renovations, but each time the works were rather symbolic – new furnishings, paintwork or installations, like floodlights or giant screen. Most significant works preceded large tournaments hosted here, like the Asian Games of 1999 and 2012 AFC Challenge Cup. Apart from sport numerous festivals and entertainment events take place here with international stars also appearing – like Bryan Adams in 2011.

This stadium’s history has a dark page. On March 12 1988 hailstorm started during a football game. With hailstorms in Nepal being very intensive at this part of the year and causing pain to unprotected people, most spectators from the uncovered stands rushed to the only grandstand with some roof. There was no room for them and so police forces started to fight the crowd off. In an attempt to flee the ground people then rushed towards one of the gates, but it had been closed after game began to avoid illegal entry. In a massive crush 93 people were killed with some 100 more injured. Despite its giant scale, this tragedy hasn’t received international attention.



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