Stadio Silvio Piola, Vercelli

Capacity4 200
960 (Covered seats)
575 (Away section)
Country Italy
ClubsFC Pro Vercelli 1892
Other names Stadio Leonida Robbiano (1932-1998)
Inauguration 1932
Renovations 2011, 2012
Address Via Massaua 5, 13100 Vercelli, Italia


Stadio Silvio Piola – stadium description

Vercelli is one of few towns, where local stadium is literally meters away from the central square. It has a growing historical value, too. Its main grandstand remembers the opening in 1932 and after the latest 2012 renovation it's a ture showcase of this modest stadium.

There's also a price for the central location – lack of space for redevelopment. All sides apart from the south have uncovered stands of no more than 6 rows of seating. Then again, one might argue this only adds to the “small-town charm”.

Many locals also call it Stadio Leonida Robbiano after the famous aviator, because that's the name given back in 1932 and changed not too long ago, in 1998.



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