Stadio Mario Rigamonti

Capacity16 743
6,439 (Covered seats)
338 (VIP seats)
45 (Press seats)
Country Italy
ClubsAS Brescia
Floodlights 1,200 lux
Inauguration 1959
Construction 1956-1959
Renovations 2010
Address Via Giovanni Novagani 8, 25133 Brescia

Description: Stadio Mario Rigamonti

In early 1950’s municipal authorities in Brescia decided to build a new venue that could replace older Stadium di viale Piave. Works on rebuilding that ground – built back in 1928 – started in 1956 and ended after three years. The venue was renamed to Stadio Mario Rigamonti, commemorating one of the casualties of Turin aircraft tragedy of 1949.

Since 2010 the ground hosts over 23,000 people due to regulations for all Serie A to have at least 20,000 capacity. However, part of the number in Brescia is temporary seating.



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