Stadio Giovanni Zini

Capacity16 003
Country Italy
ClubsUnione Sportiva Cremonese
Inauguration 02/11/1919
Address Via Persico 19, 26100 Cremona


Stadio Giovanni Zini – stadium description

What were the early years of Stadio Giovanni Zini?

The opening of the US Cremonese stadium took place on November 2, 1919. The club's previous venue was a pitch in via San Rocco. The new stadium was known as Campo Inglese (English pitch), as English soldiers were stationed there during World War I. It originally had a main stand with a capacity of 500 spectators. In 1922, a cycling track with contoured curves was opened around the pitch and the stadium became known as Motovelodromo. In 1924, the stadium was named after Giovanni Zini, the Cremonese goalkeeper who died during World War I.

In 1927, the arena was affected by a storm which destroyed the cycling track. The stadium underwent renovation, during which, among other things, the main stand, which still exists today, and the monumental entrance gate in via Cardinale Massaia were built. All the work was completed in 1931 and the venue was renamed Campo Polisportivo. In 1933 the name was extended to include Roberto Farinacci, former secretary of the National Fascist Party. Later, Giovanni Zini was reinstated as patron of the arena. The cycling track was replaced by an athletics track, removed in later years when the stadium was transformed into a football-specific facility.

How did Stadio Giovanni Zini get its current shape?

In 1977, new stands were built on the north and east sides of the stadium. Between 1983 and 1986, the south stand and corner stands were built. The new south stand was favoured by the most devoted Cremonese supporters (tifosi). In the following years, further modernisations were carried out. In 2017-2018, the east and south stands were roofed, and in 2019 the last standing places were removed, installing seats in all stands.

What events does Stadio Giovanni Zini host?

The venue has been the home arena of US Cremonese club footballers since its inception. The team has recorded episodes in Serie A several times. In the 1988/89 season, the stadium had the opportunity to host the return match of the Italy Cup final between Sampdoria Genoa and Napoli. After a 4:0 win, Sampdoria claimed the trophy (the Genoa team played their matches that season at the Cremona stadium due to the renovation of their own venue before the 1990 World Cup). In 2015, the arena hosted part of the matches (including the final) of the World Rugby Under 20 Championship.

What does US Cremonese stadium look like?

The stadium has a typical football rectangular layout, with the stands located behind the end lines of the pitch. The main stand is located on the west side. It is divided into three sections, with the largest central section; the northern section, meanwhile, is significantly lower than its counterpart on the south side. The east and south stands have been enlarged in the upper part, almost along their entire length, with additional rows of stands, and largely covered by a flat roof.

The stand behind the north goal is the only one without a canopy and is "truncated" in the west corner due to space constraints (a street, via Persico, runs right behind it). The stands are equipped with seats and the capacity of the venue is 16,003 spectators. There are four floodlight masts behind the corners. The square behind the south stand, where there are parking spaces, is named after Domenico Luzzar, president of US Cremonese from 1967 to 2002.



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