Stadio Cino e Lillo Del Duca

Capacity20 000
Country Italy
CityAscoli Piceno
ClubsAscoli Picchio FC 1898
Inauguration 1962
Construction 1955-1962
Renovations 1974, 2007
Address Via delle Zeppelle, 63100 Ascoli Piceno


Description: Stadio Cino e Lillo Del Duca

Construction of the ground called after famous Del Duca brothers (press publishers) started in 1955. It wasn’t finished until 1962, when inauguration took place. The reinforced concrete structure had its first major overhaul in 1974 with curves receiving a second tier to reach the level of stands along the pitch.

Thanks to this change capacity rose to 40,000 people (mostly standing) and earned Ascoli not only Serie A crowds, but also Italy national team games. Over the years capacity started falling, though (34,000 in 1980’s, 28,000 in 1990’s and then to 20,000 after 2007).

In 2005-07 last period of revamps so far took place with Ascoli advancing back to Serie A and overall safety legislation in Italy changes. Turnstiles and repainting were done, but the structure hasn’t changed.



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