Stadio Alberto Pinto

Capacity12 000
Country Italy
ClubsCasertana FC
Inauguration 1937
Address Viale Medaglie D'Oro, 31, 81100 Caserta CE


Stadio Alberto Pinto – stadium description

When was Stadio Alberto Pinto founded?

The history of Casertana FC dates back to 1908, when a new team was formed, then called Robur Caserta. The team played its first matches on the pitch next to the Royal Palace. After two years, the club moved to the pitch at Piazza d'Armi.

In 1937, Caserta's first real stadium was built. It featured, modern for the time, a covered, reinforced concrete main stand with seating for around 1,500 spectators. After the Second World War, the venue was named after Alberto Pinto, a carabinieri and former footballer of the club from Caserta, who was killed by the Germans in 1943.

What was the fate of the Stadio Alberto Pinto?

In the early 1950s, the stadium was extended. At that time, an athletics track was created around the pitch, and additional stands were built on the east side and on the arches. Further upgrades were made in the 1980s, after the railway tracks, which limited the possibility of expansion, were removed.

Following Casertana's promotion to Serie B in 1991, the old main stand was demolished. In its place, a new one was built with a capacity of 4,000 people. In 2011, new seats were installed in the stadium and the running surface was replaced. Before the 2019 Universiade, the stands on the south arch were demolished.

In 2019, a nearby city of Naples hosted the 30th edition of the summer Universiade. The stadium in Caserta hosted some of the matches of the football competition played in the event at the time.

What are the characteristics of the Stadio Alberto Pinto?

The stadium is equipped with a pitch with artificial turf and a tartan athletics track. On the west side there is a covered main stand. Uncovered stands are also located on the east side and on the northern curve. The capacity of the venue is 12,000 spectators.

What will be the future of Stadio Alberto Pinto?

The architectural concept of the new stadium in Caserta can be seen on a separate subpage

In December 2019, the club presented a concept for the construction of a new stadium. The facility is to have a football-specific layout and will hold 12,000 spectators, with the possibility of expanding to 16,000 seats. The stadium will be built on the site of the Stadio Alberto Pinto, which is due to be demolished as a consequence. The project is the result of a collaboration between the club and a construction and development consortium made up of Aurora Immobiliare and Consorzio Stabile Santa Rita.

To compensate for the removal of the athletics track, a new one is to be built in another location in the city, and the tennis courts next to the stadium are to be similarly relocated. The construction contract was signed on October 19, 2023, with construction work scheduled to begin within 3-4 months, then the start of work was postponed until June 2024. Construction is expected to take 24-26 months and will be carried out in stages so that Casertana FC does not have to move to another location. The investment is expected to cost nearly €51.5 million.