Estadio Palogrande

Capacity32 000
Country Colombia
ClubsOnce Caldas SA
Inauguration 30/07/1994 (Once Caldas - Cruzeiro, 2-5)
Construction 1992-1996
Design Jorge Gutiérrez Duque, Enrique Gómez Gómez


Estadio Palogrande – stadium description

In exact translation it means “big stick” as there was indeed a big wooden pole sticking out of one section of the old stadium. That one, built in eastern Manizales back in 1930-1936, does not exist anymore though.

Demolition of the old stadium began in 1992 as the old stands were too small (16,000 initial capacity). Opening took place in 1994, but the roof wasn’t finished until 1996, when another inauguration was held. In both cases Brazilian clubs came for exhibition games (Cruzeiro and Internacional, respectively).

When opened in 1994, the stadium held nearly 50,000 people. Today it’s 32,000 after it was converted into an all-seater already in the 21st century. It held several major events including Copa America (2001) and Campeonato Sudamericano (1987, 2005).



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