Estadio Bicentenario Municipal Lucio Fariña Fernández

Capacity7 680
Country Chile
ClubsSan Luis de Quillota SADP
Other names Estadio Municipal (1940-2002), Estadio Municipal Lucio Fariña Fernández (2002-2010)
Inauguration 1947
Construction 1940-1947
Renovations 1955, 1998, 2007-2010 (new stadium)
Design Alberto Barrera Droguett (1940), Juan Zorrilla Pizarro, Daniela Guzmán Vergara, Giselle Zernott Ainzúa (2007)


Estadio Lucio Fariña Fernández – stadium description

Construction of this stadium began in 1940, but for various reasons lasted until 1947. Soon after that, in 1950, local football club San Luis moved in and is the anchor tenant to this day.

Interestingly, during construction of new east grandstand in 1955 and later in 1998 (while pitch was relayed) remains of ancient settlement were found under the site.

In 2007 decision was made to rebuild the stadium from scratch, celebrating Chile's bicentenary.

U-shaped stands leave empty room to the north, where administrative and leisure building was erected, as well as concert stage and a museum with the aforementioned remains.



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