Estadio La Portada

Capacity18 243
360 (VIP seats)
Country Chile
CityLa Serena
ClubsClub de Deportes La Serena
Inauguration 13/05/2015 (CD La Serena - Club Atlético San Martín)
Construction 2013-2015
Cost $ 14.25 million
Design Gerardo Marambio Cortés, Claudio Aceituno Husch , Ivette González González, Mauricio Concha Martinez


Estadio La Portada – stadium description

First stadium in this location, near the historical city gate (thus La Portada), was opened back in 1952. But with constant use and after several earthquakes it was severely outdated and qualified for the Chilestadios program in 2012. After repeated tenders demolition began in early 2013, leaving nothing of the old ground.

New one was slightly rotated eastwards to be more parallel with local road network. Designed by architects of the National Sports Institute (IND), the stadium is simple and original at the same time. Lower ring of stands holds some 5,000 people, while upper one 13,000 in ‘sliced’ single sections. They’re all connected with steel crown of the roof, although it serves more as a sunroof (8,000 square meters) than actual shelter.

Construction ended in May 2015, just in time for Copa America 2015 hosted by Chile. Along the guidelines it meets most important FIFA and IAAF criteria for international tournaments.



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