Stadion Lokomotiv

Capacity16 000
4,000 (West stand)
Country Bulgaria
ClubsPFK Lokomotiv Sofiya
Inauguration 1985
Renovations 2000, 2013
Address NPZ Voenna rampa, 1231 Sofia, Bulgaria


Stadion Lokomotiv – stadium description

Built in 1985 in northern Sofia’s industrial district, this stadium stands out among other Bulgarian football venues due to its interesting eastern grandstand. The concrete crescent-shaped structure is covered and made the stadium one of the most modern in the country.

After installation of seats (10,500 initially) in 2000 it even hosted the Bulgarian Cup final of 2001. However, within just a decade its standard was already seen as insufficient. Structural issues with the east side arose and the stadium wasn’t allowed to hold large events until the renovation of 2013.

Though the stadium belongs to the Bulgarian state authorities, Lokomotiv has been holding the lease since 1991. The club operates both the stadium and two training fields beside it. Apart from football games, the place also holds concerts of the world’s key stars, including Elton John, Depeche Mode or Iron Maiden.