Estádio Manoel Barradas (Barradão)

Capacity34 842
6,268 (Seats)
122 (VIP seats)
45 (Press seats)
3,484 (Away section)
Country Brazil
CitySalvador da Bahia
ClubsEC Vitória
Inauguration 11.11.1986 (Vitória - Santos, 1-1)
Renovations 1991
Record attendance 55,200 (Vitória - Juazeiro, 07.05.2000)


Estádio Manoel Barradas – stadium description

This stadium's form makes it among the most original ones. Though a horseshoe, it's among few stadiums with three stands that have one side alongside the pitch open. This is where main administrative building stands with both club offices and player facilities. The venue was literally carved in a hill, though not all at once. Opened in 1986 it received end stands in 1991, during its first major revamp.

Since the opening local side Vitória received a huge financial boost, allowing it to achieve supremacy in the region. During first decade of “Barradao's” operation the side had more success than in their previous 90-year history.

The ground is also known for very high attendances. Though hardly among Brazil's largest, it's the single venue to never have average attendance drop below 10,000 per game. And that even with Vitória struggling in the third league some times. Meanwhile largest crowds exceed capacity with the record to date established in 2000.