Spain: La Romareda modernization project presented

source:; author: Paulina Skóra

Spain: La Romareda modernization project presented A few days ago, the long-awaited project for Nueva Romareda stadium, inspired by the Cierzo wind, was unveiled. The event was led by the mayor of Zaragoza, Natalia Chueca, a supporter of the new facility, aiming to transform the capital of Aragon into a significant point on Spain's sports map.


Investment for World Cup

The investment aims to meet FIFA's rigorous requirements, turning Zaragoza into one of the hosts for the 2030 World Cup. This is all thanks to the construction of the new football temple in record time, as described by Mayor Natalia Chueca.

The budget allocated for the construction of Nueva Romareda is €148,562,000 (excluding VAT). The investment will be divided into five stages to be completed over 54 months. The goal is to transform the current stadium into a modern space that hosts sports and cultural events year-round.

The first stage will commence on July 8 of this year and will last for a year. In 2025, work will begin on the Gol Sur area, involving foundations, supports, and the erection of a new structure. The tender for this stage has been announced with a budget of up to €4.1 million.

The second phase will involve demolition and construction of the new Tribuna Este, expected to be completed by summer 2026. Following this, the third stage, lasting another year, will involve demolishing and reconstructing the Tribuna Preferente. In 2027, work will focus on the Gol Norte. Finally, in the summer of 2028, the last stage will include building the roof, working on the pitch, and all necessary elements to make the new facility a gem on Spain's map.

Design of Nueva Romareda© IDOM

Showcase of the region

When designing the project, architects aimed to incorporate a local element: the cierzo wind, which blows in autumn and winter. It is cool, dry, and unique to the area around Zaragoza. Therefore, the new stadium will feature a facade with both concave and convex shapes, providing grandeur and a spectacular, distinct outline. The supports delineating transitions between the levels of the facility will follow the dynamics of the design, with convex contours on the side stands and concave contours on the gate elevations. Architects considered the sharp, cold winter wind when designing the internal spaces of the stands, aiming to protect Nueva Romareda from gusts while remaining open to the surroundings.

The roof, on the other hand, will be lightweight, conveying a sense of dynamism. The project entails roofing 100% of the stands and extending the usable space outward, pushing the building's outline boundaries to create a panoramic terrace on the fifth floor with extraordinary views of both the city and the stadium interior.

Design of Nueva Romareda© IDOM

Increased capacity and comfort

The project envisions five floors, with a total height of over 31 meters and two basement levels, providing 20,000 square meters for service purposes.As one of the architects announced during the presentation, to meet FIFA's requirements, the stadium will accommodate 43,184 spectators, arranged in a flexible configuration, representing a 30% increase in capacity compared to La Romareda.

Of these, 40,769 seats will be allocated for general admission tickets, including premium seating. The hospitality zone will accommodate 2,295 people, including the honor box and VIP area with adjustable capacity based on the event.

Here's layout of each floor:

  • Ground floor: official club shop and museum.
  • First floor: hospitality zone, including bars, catering, and event spaces.
  • Second floor: presidential box and VIP area.
  • Third floor: Tribuna Preferente and public services for fans.
  • Fourth floor: additional service areas and Real Zaragoza offices.
  • Fifth floor: 360-degree terrace and media area.
Design of Nueva Romareda