Central Europe: Open day at construction site of revolutionary stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

Central Europe: Open day at construction site of revolutionary stadium An open day was organised at the Polish stadium, during which those wishing to attend could see for themselves what the facility looks like from the inside. According to official information, more than 3,000 people attended the event. What is still to come at the construction site and why is the facility special?


A queue of visitors

On 24 March, just before 11:00 a.m., there was a queue of those interested in taking a tour in front of the stadium, Patryk Stasiak, chairman of the board of directors of the Municipal Plant in Opole, told doxa.fm radio. I am pleased with the attendance and the fact that I can see smiles on the faces of the people who leave the facility, Stasiak added. Fans were able to go down to the turf level, see the skyboxes or the areas where the changing rooms of the visitors and Odra Opole, the team that will use the arena, will be installed.

Visitors unanimously commented that Opole Stadium is impressive. The office area is already glazed and the stands are prepared for the installation of seats. The ground is also already being prepared for the new turf. It was decided to use a roller turf, which is more expensive to maintain, but gives better comfort for the game.

Around 3,000 people came on the occasion of the open day, but many more supporters will certainly be present during the highly anticipated inauguration of the facility. At the next matches, the stands will probably not be 100% full, and this is partly because many people prefer online entertainment, such as betting. If you are a Retail betting client, perhaps you would benefit from software for betting shops, allowing cashiers to take bets from in-shop customers using the sportsbook, while players can place bets themselves.

Construction of Opole Stadium© Stadion Opolski

"Green stadium"

Since the beginning of its construction, Stadion Opolski is unanimously regarded as the most modern stadium in this part of Europe. It is mainly about an innovative approach to energy sources. Photovoltaic panel systems with a capacity of around 280 kW will be installed on the roof on three sides, west, east and south. Heat pumps and CHP units complete the entire system.

We have invested in adequate generation heat sources. We chose to be environmentally friendly, and the project itself already envisaged and implemented underground containers for rainwater, so that this water can later be used to supply the sprinkler system on the pitch. Everything is designed in such a way that in the future the impact of the stadium on the environment is minimised, said Patryk Stasiak.

The citizens of Opole heard an important declaration from those responsible for the construction of the stadium in Opole. A date was finally given for the commissioning of the venue. This is to take place in December 2024, just before Christmas. The cost of the investment is PLN 160 million net.

Construction of Opole Stadium© Stadion Opolski