Central Europe: First step towards new stadium for national champion taken!

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

Central Europe: First step towards new stadium for national champion taken! The topic of a new stadium for Raków has been one of the hottest concerning sports infrastructure in Poland in recent years. However, it now seems that this issue is finally starting to move towards a happy conclusion. A contract has just been signed to create a feasibility study. Millions have also been invested in the current facility.


Feasibility study under construction

The city authorities have pledged to carry out the investment, and these words are confirmed by the signing of the contract for the construction feasibility study. The first working meeting between the city authorities and club representatives and the president of the Warsaw-based company Agraria has already taken place. This was to determine, among other things, indications for the location and size of the stadium, its preliminary architectural concept and a financial analysis of the planned investment. The documentation should be ready in mid-July, and the cost of this project is PLN 157,000 gross.

Fans are keenly interested in the new stadium, especially as the first months of the year in Poland were a pre-election time when many sports facilities are promised. However, a sports centre in Częstochowa will also be able to serve the community. Not every resident is a fan of spending time outdoors, so many prefer to opt for online entertainment such as Mega Casino Gambling Site, which offers gaming enthusiasts a comprehensive insight into the world of online casinos.

Miejski Stadion Piłkarski Raków© Foto: Jakub Ziemianin (Rakow.com)

Who will Raków fans believe?

The topic of a new football stadium in Częstochowa has appeared with almost every candidate who has run for mayor of the city. The incumbent mayor, Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, announced at a specially convened press conference that the first step towards the construction of a new city stadium was to be the preparation of a preliminary feasibility study.

A city stadium should have been built in Częstochowa a long time ago. This will be one of those decisions which I will also want to implement. When I hear today that: we are preparing documents, a study, analyses, I ask: where were you for the last years, when Raków was achieving the championship? - asked Monika Pohorecka during her convention. Tomasz Grzegorz Stala, in turn, declared: Unfortunately, the initiator was discouraged and was told not to grandfather it. As mayor of the city, I do not intend to withdraw from the plans to build a municipal stadium.

Miejski Stadion Piłkarski Raków© Foto: Jakub Ziemianin (Rakow.com)

Work continues on the Football Centre

Work is also continuing on the current Raków Stadium on Limanowskiego Street. This is the second stage of the expansion of the Football Centre. It involves the enlargement of the two club buildings to include a regeneration and rehabilitation area, a training area and training and teaching rooms. A new training pitch with sanitary and medical facilities will also be built. The investment will cost just over PLN 18 million. It will be subsidised to the tune of over PLN 9 million from the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The work, carried out by AMB Budownictwo Krzysztof Prokop, is expected to be completed by the middle of next year at the latest.