Spain: Girona gears up for European conquest

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Spain: Girona gears up for European conquest In Girona, the first preparations for the upcoming historic season are underway. After many years of anticipation, the Estadi de Montilivi will undergo renovation. All this is to ensure that the team can compete in European cups without obstacles.


New stands

UEFA has warned Girona authorities that the use of temporary stands during European cup matches is not permitted, prompting work to reconstruct certain elements.

This investment will cost €20 million. New stands will be erected at the Estadi de Montilivi this summer in the Gol Nord and Preferent sectors, allowing the facility to bid farewell to the additional stands after several years. Of course, the Gol Sud stands will remain as an exception, although they will only be usedduring league matches.

Work on these stands will begin next year. The first phaseof renovation will likely commence the day after the last home match against Granada on the weekend of May 25-26 is played and it will likely conclude in early September. That means there will be just overr three months to modernize and transform Montilivi into a stadium that meets its purpose and is suitable for competing in Europe. Most likely, this will mean that Girona will have to ask the league authorities to play their first two or three matches as the away team until the work on the stadium is completed.

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Fans rush with ideas

Club President Delfí Geli revealed in an interview with Diari de Girona: We are thinking about a new look for the stadium. This season, things are accelerating. Javier Caireta-Serra from Girona presented his own proposal for the reconstruction of Montilivi. He is a freelance video and 3D montage specialist, specializing in stadiums.

Estadi Municipal de Montilivi

Currently residing in Madrid, he nostalgically recalls the times when he lived in Girona. My house was next to Montilivi. All I had to do was walk through the forest, and I was already on the field. Every weekend I went to matches in Girona, he said in an interview with El Periodico.

I used one of the existing stands, while the other is inspired by El Sadar. I removed the temporary stands and the old roof. I also added VIP boxes because in Europe, this could be a significant source of income for the club. I live near Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid and have been following the work for many years, he describes his project. Javier Caireta-Serra's proposal for the reconstruction of Montilivi quickly gained popularity online and sparked excitement among the white and red fans. Over 70,000 people have viewed the X project, and the comments are very positive.

Estadi Municipal de Montilivi was opened in 1970 and can accommodate 13,400 people. Initially, the capacity of the facility was estimated at 17,000 spectators, although nearly 25,000 people watched the opening match from the stands.

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