England: New fan zone to be created at Amex Stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Paulina Skóra

England: New fan zone to be created at Amex Stadium A planning application has been submitted for the construction of a fan zone outside Brighton & Hove Albion's stadium. The proposed building would replace existing kiosks near the railway line. What are the exact plans for creating this new space for fans?


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New meeting place for fans

The two-storey event space with a mezzanine will feature retail space for food, drinks, and other currently undeveloped areas, as well as toilets and storage rooms. It is also expected that Dick's Bar will soon be opened as a pre-turnstile bar before being incorporated into the new fan zone.

Permission granted

The Planning Commission met on Wednesday, March 6, and unanimously gave the green light for the creation of the fan zone. In the planning application submitted to the Brighton and Hove City Council, it was noted that the proposals are part of a broader plan to improve the tired and worn external areas surrounding Amex Stadium.

In a report attached to the documentation, the National Highways company noted that the new fan zone would encourage supporters to spend more time in the stadium's surroundings on match days, reducing traffic on the A27 motorway. Currently, there are three letters of support and one objection to the application on the council's website, mainly focusing on increased noise levels.

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Opportunity for students to earn?

However, the community seems rather optimistic about the potential investment. Robert Hutton, Director of Estates and Commercial Services at the University of Sussex, praised the project. The proximity to the campus makes it an ideal option for students seeking part-time work.

Students are already working at the Amex, and the fan zone will provide additional employment opportunities, especially as it is likely to be open on weekends and evenings. According to the club, the new fan zone could provide up to 50 full-time and part-time job positions.

Furthermore, Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. officials have committed to contributing £15,770 towards the employment and training of new staff.

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