Spain: Pérez's dream of NFL coming true soon

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Spain: Pérez's dream of NFL coming true soon The realization of an American football game in Spain is closer than ever. According to Relevo's sources, the NFL has given the green light to host one of its matches outside the United States in 2025. Following positive experiences with games played in Europe, the Americans aim to reach new countries on the Old Continent.


In love with Bernabéu, but... ?

To achieve this goal, a delegation from the international NFL visited Santiago Bernabéu and Metropolitano last October to assess the possibilities of organizing a match at these venues. They were pleased with both, but fell in love particularly with Real Madrid's stadium, despite ongoing construction. The desire is for the first NFL game in Spain to take place at the heart of Madrid.

While some details of the agreement still need clarification, the aim is to finalize the matter and make the official announcement before Super Bowl LVIII, by February 11. Initially, there was even consideration for a match at Bernabéu in 2024, but Brazil has been chosen for that year. NFL leaders prefer to wait until 2025 when Bernabéu is fully completed and has experience in organizing large-scale events.

Dream location: Metropolitano

Relevo journalist Sergio Santos revealed the behind-the-scenes of the NHL executives' choice of the stadium. It seemed that Atletico Madrid's venue was the favorite for hosting the event, primarily due to its location. Bernabéu is situated in the middle of Paseo de la Castellana, one of Madrid's busiest streets. Organizing such a significant event there would disrupt normal life, especially considering that the NFL plans a week full of activities culminating in a Sunday game. In contrast, Metropolitano is relatively distant from the city's hustle and bustle and has open space around it. Numerous parks would provide organizers with sufficient space to plan events around the match without disturbing the city's residents.

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Why Bernabéu, then?

Florentino Pérez was aware of the thought process going on in the organizer's mind, but instead of stepping back, he decided to turn it into an opportunity. He transformed the stadium's main weakness into one of its greatest advantages. As a result, Real Madrid presented a proposal that would garner more attention and create more buzz. They emphasized that the NFL would attract greater interest if events were organized in iconic city locations with high pedestrian and tourist traffic. The idea involves setting up a massive fan zone around Madrid Río, where concerts and various activities would take place. Other interesting places in Madrid, such as Plaza del Callao, Plaza de España, and Plaza de Colón, are also being considered. This way, organizers aim not only to capture the attention of NFL fans who will travel to the city for the event but also to attract thousands of people who pass through these places daily.

Madrid – Barcelona 2:0

If this agreement is definitively finalized, it would be another significant success for Madrid, following the victory in securing the Formula 1 Grand Prix. The capital competed with Barcelona to organize this event. It would also be a great satisfaction for Florentino Pérez, as when the renovation of Bernabéu began, one of his goals was to host an American football game at the stadium. The first step has already been taken, as in 2025, eight NFL games will take place outside the USA. If there are no negative surprises, one of them will be played in the capital of Spain, specifically on Real Madrid's field.

Construction of Santiago Bernabeu© Alecaom