Germany: Volksparkstadion’s renovation closer to completion

source:; author: Michał Czarniecki

Germany: Volksparkstadion’s renovation closer to completion The reconstruction of the Hamburger SV’s stadium has now entered its final phase. Much of the work has already been completed but the contractors still have some way to go. Will the Euro 2024 arena be finished with modifications on time?


What is known about the work on HSV's stadium so far ahead of Euro 2024?

As noted by the German press, the renovation of Volksparkstadion, valued at around €30 million, is picking up pace. The Hamburg venue was to undergo a roof membrane replacement, an installment of the new floodlighting and PA system, as well as an upgrade of the toilets and VIP area.

Roof reconstruction:

The renovation of the roof elements proved to be a more complicated task than previously anticipated. However, this does not change the fact that here the work is close to completion and all membranes have already been changed. As the Hamburger SV reported, the joints between the individual fields still have to be closed and the drainage parts connected. This should be done in the next few weeks, but everything will depend on the weather.

Volksparkstadion© Michael Panse (cc: by-nd)

Lighting and sound systems:

Lighting and PA systems have already been installed in 2023. The new 2000 lux LED floodlights, which meet UEFA's requirements for hosting the European Championships, worked for the first time at the end of February. The state-of-the-art loudspeaker columns, meanwhile, made their debut nine months later.

Toilets, VIP area and other works:

The upgrade of the toilets and the creation of new ones is still ongoing. According to plans, up to twice as many are to be added to the Hamburger SV stadium by the end of March, with the Bild editorial citing a figure of 662 toilets at the fans' disposal. The venue renovation contractor is also working on increasing the number of disabled seats to 130 and installing air conditioning in the VIP area.

Volksparkstadion© Michael Panse (cc: by-nd)

Renovation set to be completed by spring

Although UEFA has allowed the contractors to complete the renovation by May, representatives of the 2. Bundesliga club have announced that the last builder will complete his tasks as early as March. The solutions already implemented will be put to further testing in the 2nd half of the season, when the host of the stadium returns to play. In addition, Shakhtar Donetsk will resume its competition in the Europa League on February 15, facing Olympique Marseille in the play-offs.

Volksparkstadion will host matches of the Netherlands, Croatia, Albania, Czechia and Turkey in the group phase of the European Championships. A quarter-final match will also be played in Hamburg.

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