England: Peterborough hasn't given up on the thought of a new stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Maciek Ściłba

England: Peterborough hasn't given up on the thought of a new stadium The development of a new Peterborough United venue has been controversial, but everyone agrees that the team needs a new home. Some time ago the club changed ownership, which insists that the current project is still possible.


Does Peterborough need a new stadium?

New management at The Posh has made no secret of their ambitious plans to move up to the Premier League in a few years. The team currently sit third in Sky Bet League One (the third tier of the competition) and have a great chance of checking back into the Championship. However, owner Darragh MacAnthony is aware that the 111-year-old Weston Homes Stadium, despite a number of refurbishments, looks like an arena taken out of the 20th century. He is therefore making it clear that without a new stadium, the club's development could be stunted.

The problem regarding Peterborough United's current home lies largely in the constraints of the dense residential development around it. This makes it virtually impossible to build new, larger stands. In response to these inconveniences, a design has been created for a new facility, known in working order as Embankment Stadium, It would be built on the city's playing fields across the River Nene. It would have a final capacity of 17,500, but would have the potential for further expansion depending on demand.

Weston Homes Stadium (London Road)© Peterborough United FC

Problems surrounding the construction of Embankment Stadium

After reaching an agreement with the city in 2020, the club had planned to complete the project as early as 2023. We now know that this will not happen. The project has not taken off for the last three years because it has been largely blocked by opponents of building a new arena on the planned site. A virtual petition was even created, in which it was noted that the authors demanded that the existing ecological character of the future stadium site be preserved. In their view, the investment here will severely reduce the city's residents' access to green spaces.

The protests have been successful, but Darragh MacAnthony is not losing faith that the project will finally go ahead. However, this will not be possible without obtaining the relevant planning consents for The Embankment area. The argument to convince councillors is based on calculations that the new facility will generate £40 million in revenue for the city over its 15-year lifespan. The extensive commercial facilities around the future arena are expected to contribute to this.

There also remains the question of the future of Weston Homes Stadium. A few years ago, London Road Peterborough Properties Ltd was formed to buy the facility back from the borough. It is currently insolvent with debts of almost £7 million. Peterborough United's lease on Weston Homes is still in place for nearly 20 years. However, MacAnthony is aware that he needs to sort this out before the club moves forward. Negotiations with creditors are therefore due to start later in January.

Weston Homes Stadium (London Road)© Peterborough United FC