England: One city - two great stadiums under construction

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Kuba Kowalski

England: One city - two great stadiums under construction Do you already know which city this is about? If you're up to date with the material on our website, then this puzzle is not difficult for you. So what's happening at the Liverpool stadiums where construction work is currently underway?


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Anfield still not finished

Since the decision was made in 2013 that Liverpool FC would remain at Anfield, the club has been working on a plan to expand the facility. First on the agenda was the main stand. The rebuilt stand was officially opened on September 9, 2016. On September 30, 2021, the second phase of the venue redevelopment officially began, which included the extension of the stand behind the north goal. The modernisation is still ongoing, and was scheduled to be completed this year. As it turns out, reality has fallen short of expectations.

The work, which began in autumn 2021, was progressing smoothly and without disruption, while problems with the investment started practically at the very end. Initially, there was talk of a slight slip, but we already know that the new stand will not open in 2023. The initial slight delays in the work became more serious when the general contractor for the development, Buckingham Group, filed for bankruptcy. Liverpool chief executive Billy Hogan has confirmed that the new upper tier of the Anfield Road stand will not be ready to open until 2024.

 Anfield Road© Mister Drone UK

Everton Stadium - the best Championship stadium?

Of course, we don't wish The Toffees relegation from the Premier League, but the jibes towards the team from the blue side of Liverpool are not unfounded. Sean Dyche's team barely avoided relegation last season and are also currently clinging to the bottom of the table. The situation has been made even worse by Everton's deduction of ten points in the league. Things are slightly better on the construction site, where Everton Stadium is being built. Plans to build a new stadium to replace the run-down Goodison Park have been around since the late 20th century. The matter gained momentum in 2017, when the Bramley-Moore river dock was identified as the location for the new arena. Construction began by backfilling it with sand dredged from the bottom of the Irish Sea. This phase was not completed until early 2022 and the actual construction of the stadium began then.

The facility is scheduled to be operational by the start of the 2024/25 season, with an estimated cost of £500m. Unfortunately, an accident occurred at the facility in August this year, resulting in the death of a man working there. Following this tragedy, work was temporarily halted. Nevertheless, the installation of the canopy structure over the south stand has already been completed, and the installation of the first of more than 50,000 seats in the auditorium began shortly afterwards.

 Everton Stadium © Mister Drone UK