England: Work progressing at Everton Stadium

source: StadiumDB.com; author: Mateusz Osmola

England: Work progressing at Everton Stadium Construction of the stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is entering the next phase. The installation of the canopy on the east stand has now been completed, allowing the first seats to be installed. You can read more about the progress of the work on the Everton Stadium this article.


Everton installs first seats

Work on the venue, located in Liverpool's Bramley-Moore river dock, began on 26 July 2021, with the ceremonial driving of the first shovel taking place the following month. For the first two years, construction proceeded smoothly and without major disruption. Unfortunately, in August this year, an accident occurred at the construction site, resulting in the death of a male worker. Following this tragedy, work was temporarily halted.

To catch up, the builders are working up a sweat and the progress at Everton Stadium is visible to the naked eye. Last week he completed the installation of the canopy structure over the east stand, and immediately afterwards the installation of the first of more than 50,000 seats in the auditorium began. The fixed rows of blue plastic seats were installed in the north-east corner of the stadium after earlier trials to test rail seating.

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All seats in the auditorium are expected to be installed over the next six months. The last seats are expected to appear in the stands around Easter and the entire upper tier is expected to have seating in place by Christmas. Once the roofing work is complete, Everton will be able to install the lower tier of stands. The installation team, which includes a number of local workers, aims to install around 500 seats a day over the coming months.

When will Everton Stadium open?

Colin Chong, Everton's interim chief executive and chief development officer, said in June that the stadium remains "firmly on track" following reports suggesting the venue would not be ready for the start of the 2024-25 season.

Chong explained that an exact date for the move had never been publicly set by Everton, with the club stating that, in line with the development timetable, Laing O'Rourke would hand over the keys "during" the 2024-25 season. Chong did not rule out the possibility of Everton playing a full season at Goodison Park before moving to Bramley-Moore Dock.

Everton Stadium, which will have a capacity of 52,888, will be one of the arenas of the UEFA Euro 2028. The tournament will be hosted by England alongside Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

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