Italy: A new stadium for Inter?

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Italy: A new stadium for Inter? Fans of Inter Milan have reason to be excited. The mayor of Rozzano has announced an ambitious project to build a new stadium for the Nerazzurri team. Visualisations of the facility have raised excitement and hopes of a new, independent era for the club.


Visualisations of the new stadium

The first visualisations of the stadium, released by the club, show a facility that combines modern architecture with the spirit of the Nerazzurri tradition. The stadium would hold 70,000 spectators and have an oval shape, making it slightly reminiscent of Tottenham Stadium or SoFi Stadium. So it is fair to say that after years of speculation about the future of San Siro, concrete steps have finally been taken - for both Milan and Inter. A complete project will be created by April 2024, and it is also anticipated that the facility will be ready for the 2028/29 season.

In addition to the stadium, the plans include the construction of shops, a museum, restaurants, padel and small football fields or a beach volleyball pitch. Mayor Rozzano expressed his commitment to the success of this project, saying: We've done our part, now it's time for Inter. The City of Rozzano is a key partner in the construction of the new stadium and is ready to work with the club to ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Visualisation of new stadium for Inter

Working together for a shared goal

The mayor of Rozzano - the city where the stadium for Inter is to be built - gave an interview to Radio Nerazzurra in which some specific questions were asked about the future of the project. The first thing discussed is the traffic around the future venue. Football matches represent a huge amount of such traffic - Giovanni Ferretti De Luca wants to prevent problems related to this aspect.

The residents of Rozzano certainly also have an important say. According to the mayor, the neighbours of the future arena should not stop the process that will culminate in the construction of the stadium. There are different positions, but I think it will be fine. They have to realise that the land is private and has building permits. The choice is not between a stadium and a greenfield site. The choice is between the stadium and other facilities. For me there is no discussion, - De Luca says.

Inter has the pre-emptive right to buy the ground by the end of April. Until then, they have the opportunity to make a feasibility study. This is the first step. The next is the presentation of the project, after which the process begins, which is very complex. Nevertheless, all parties are positive and confident that the collaboration will be successful.

Visualisation of new stadium for Inter