Canada: Long-Term Pop-Up Stadium for St. Mary's University

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Canada: Long-Term Pop-Up Stadium for St. Mary's University Saint Mary's University has surprised many people by announcing plans to construct a football stadium. Modern amenities and technology will be its foundation. As a result, it will be a useful addition to outdoor facilities and the Canadian Football League. The construction of this venue is an example of St. Mary's University's commitment to producing elite Canadian players. This place will allow the University to offer exciting football experiences.


Construction of the stadium will start in the spring. It's anticipated to be ready for the CFL's Touchdown Atlantic match in September 2023. Like last year, the event will deliver considerable economic activity to the region. In 2022 it brought more than $12.7 million in economic activity throughout Nova Scotia. A study by online casino experts from has revealed Canadian online casinos in Nova Scotia to be at the forefront in revenue generation compared to football revenues. For instance, before the pandemic hit, gambling in Halifax generated total revenue of $65.6 million in the previous year. All in all, St. Mary's University's football program comes with several benefits and it’s among the most prosperous in the nation.

LongTerm PopUp Stadium for CFL's Touchdown Atlantic

St. Mary's University plans to construct a pop-up stadium for the Touchdown Atlantic of the Canadian Footie League. The arena - to stand on the college's campus - will have enough for up to 10,000 spectators. Since it starts in the spring, construction will get ready in time for the Touchdown Atlantic CFL game in September 2023.

St. Mary's University President Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray shared his visions about these plans. He remarked, We're excited to host the CFL's Touchdown Atlantic. It'll allow us to showcase our city and college to the rest of the country. This stadium will not only help our football program, it will also spur local economic development.

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The CFL Commissioner, Randy Ambrosie, also shared his opinions. He said, We're happy to have a permanent facility for holding CFL games in Halifax. Also, we're excited to call it the new home for Touchdown Atlantic. We appreciate St. Mary's University's commitment to the CFL and Halifax.

Huskies Stadium on the St. Mary's University campus will host the regular-season game. Kickoff is set for 5 p.m. in Halifax (Atlantic Standard Time) and 4 p.m. in Ontario (Eastern Time). It'll be 2 p.m. in Saskatchewan (Central Standard Time). 

The Huskies are one of the top-performing football programs in the nation. It's also one of the most well-liked universities in the area. They have advanced to the Vanier Cup nine times. Moreover, they have won the Canadian college football national championship three times.

The potential hosting of the CFL's Touchdown Atlantic football game in July 2023 is a significant step. It offers a fantastic chance to highlight this illustrious history to a broad audience. We recommend our collaboration with the CFL on this initiative. It'll bring top players to our campus and Atlantic Canada, said Dr. Robert Summerby-Murray.

We can't wait to enjoy your wonderful hospitality, which combines warm hearts, soulful music, and some of the tastiest food. When the CFL finds a permanent home in the Atlantic, we look forward to both visiting and being the home team on July 29, claimed Michael "Pinball" Clemons, the Toronto Argonauts' general manager.

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New Pop-Up Stadium to Enhance Football Betting Program and Boost Local Economy

The football program at St. Mary's University will gain a lot from developing a new portable stadium on its campus. The venue will allow the team to host more casinos, draw more spectators, and improve the atmosphere on game day.

Also, the arena will boost the local economy by creating jobs for small enterprises and a platform to succeed. It will work as a venue for a range of occasions all through the year, such as performances, festivals, and other sporting occasions.

The CFL's Touchdown Atlantic 2023 will occur at St. Mary's portable stadium. It'll feature a match between the Toronto Argonauts and Saskatchewan Roughriders. These two are the reigning Grey Cup champions. The event will stimulate the local economy by producing employment opportunities. It'll also create revenue from event-related spending, including that of out-of-town visitors.

Mayor Mike Savage asserts, The stadium will benefit our city, which is exciting. It's wonderful to see St. Mary's College take the initiative to support local economic development.

The Pop-Up Stadium to Host CFL's Touchdown Atlantic 2023 and Future Sporting Events

The college plans to leverage the stadium’s potential to host national championships and other major events. This step will further create economic growth opportunities for the region.

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Colzie, Athletic Director of St. Mary's University, expressed the university's vision. He said, We aim to host national championships and other significant events. Doing this will make St. Mary's University and the city of Halifax a hub for sporting excellence. 

Randy Ambrosie, the Canadian Football League Commissioner, shared his excitement about the event. He said, We're thrilled to have a new venue for Touchdown Atlantic. We expect to explore more opportunities to bring sports and entertainment to Halifax.

The upcoming event will generate much economic activity in the region. It'll top its impact in 2022 when it contributed over $12.7 million to Nova Scotia's economic activity. St. Mary's University's football program is among the most prosperous in the nation. The credit goes to the nine appearances at the Vanier Cup. Also, this is because of the three victories in the national championship of Canadian college football.