Spain: Historical club will spend millions on stadium upgrade

source:; author: Kuba Kowalski

Spain: Historical club will spend millions on stadium upgrade It has not been the best of seasons for Racing Santander, although the club has still recovered from its considerable troubles. Now its authorities are planning a big step forward in terms of the club's infrastructure and, consequently, the redevelopment of the stadium.


Racing Santander is considered one of the classics in Spain. The club from Cantabria has made the most appearances at the highest level of the Spanish competition during its long history. Currently, that is for about 10 years, the club has been wandering around the second or third division and is rebuilding after years of crisis that almost brought the team to the brink of collapse. In this time many fans stopped going at the stadium and found other entertainment, like gambling at

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The Segunda División club have given few details of the stadium expansion project, but have confirmed that the work will be carried out by MolcaWorld. Plans for the redevelopment of the Campos de Sport de El Sardinero reach a cost of €4.5 million. The aforementioned company has previously worked on more than 20 football stadium projects, including the redevelopment of the iconic Estadio Azteca in Mexico City and work in Madrid and Sevilla. The plan, which will be funded over the next four years by the club and Santander City Council, will also focus on the sustainability of the stadium, which currently has a capacity of 22,000.

The most noticeable aspect of the initial plans is the striking vertical garden on the stadium'scouter walls. A Racing badge and the name of the stadium will also appear on the main facade. After the presentation to club members, Fran Carrasco - chief executive of MolcaWorld - said: This is a sketch, it is not final. It is a starting point where Racing's commitment to sustainability stands out. The club is very committed to this and that's why the vertical gardens are included in the façade. Outside, the architecture allows the 'ribs' of the stadium to look green.

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Racing Santander, whose beginnings date back to 1913, was one of the 10 founding clubs of LaLiga in 1928. Campos de Sport de El Sardinero has been serving as the club's home since its inauguration in 1988, having replaced the old Estadio El Sardinero.