Scotland: Aberdeen fans like the beach stadium idea

source:; author: Rafał Zagrobelny

Scotland: Aberdeen fans like the beach stadium idea Aberdeen City Council created a refreshed masterplan for the city centre with a new home for Aberdeen FC as a beachfront centerpiece. An overwhelming majority of club fans support the idea.


Over 6,500 supporters responded to a survey recently conducted by Aberdeen FC. 92% of them favoured the beach location of a new stadium to replace Pittodrie. The majority of respondents, who explained their reasons for preferring the beach location, said that a football stadium should be located in the city it serves and at the heart of its community.

Fans who took part in the survey appreciated that the beachfront location is close to the stadium's previous site and in some ways upholds the club's heritage. Another reason given by interviewees was the possible benefits brought to local businesses in the city centre.

Future Aberdeen Stadium© Aberdeen FC

As you can check on, Aberdeen FC are one of three clubs who have been able to snatch more than one Scottish top division title from Celtic and Rangers. Like Heart of Midlothian and Hibrnian, 'The Dons' hold four championships to their credit. They are one of Scotland's most recognisable teams and the need for a new stadium has been discussed for many years.

Not even the team's current position in the Scottish Premiership table changes this. Aberdeen today is placed only on the ninth position and rarely appear as a favourite in bookmaker bets. You can actually check these winning tips to see for yourself and at the same time check which results are worth betting on.

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Finding a new home has been a long process for the club. First it was Bellfield, then Loirston and finally Kingsford. The last option was still valid until a few months ago. The club had even built new training facilities there, while plans for the adjacent stadium were dependent on meeting planning conditions and securing funding.

Finally, the City Council asked the club to explore the possibility of locating a new stadium at the beach in order to fit in with the masterplan for the restoration of this part of the city. A new stadium as a focal point would be the catalyst for redevelopment of facilities to create a world-class community sports complex that would revitalise the beach area.


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The club has surveyed its fans amid growing interest in building a new beachside stadium and plans to present an initial business case to Aberdeen City Council in June. Rob Wicks, Aberdeen's commercial director, said: The response to our survey was fantastic and it is clear that the vast majority of fans would prefer us to remain close to our spiritual home and within the city.

The club's proposed shoreline home ground is set to cost approx £75 million. Aberdeen FC want to build a high quality stadium with the potential to increase revenue by £3 or £4 million a year. As the venue will be part of a large urban complex, the parties agreed that both the City Council and the club would have to fund their part, without cross subsidies.

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The stadium is intended to be an example of a highly sustainable facility - it will not only be powered by clean, green energy such as hydrogen, but also capable of generating green energy that can benefit the wider community. Aberdeen FC hopes to move into the new stadium on the city's seafront by 2025.