London: Crystal Palace postpones expansion for a year

source: [TS]; author: Tomasz Sobura

London: Crystal Palace postpones expansion for a year The new main stand is the goal of the South London club. These plans were made three years ago, but it seems that their implementation will not start until the end of next year.


Crystal Palace aims to increase the Selhurst Park auditorium to 34,000. Already in 2018, the club was given the green light to start work on the expansion of the main stand by 8,000 seats. In order to begin work, an agreement has to be signed between the local council and the management of the Eagles. This is to be done by the end of the year.

The agreement sets out how Crystal Palace is to compensate the council and local residents for the inconvenience caused by the larger stadium. The conditions that the club must meet were approved by the Croydon Council in November 2020.

Selhurst Park, London© Crystal Palace FC / KSS Design Group

The above-mentioned arrangement is called Section 106 and has not yet been signed by both interested parties. Without signing it, the club will not be able to buy six council houses in Wooderson Close that are to be demolished. The reason for that action is to get room for expansion.

In the Section 106 agreement, Crystal Palace made a commitment to replace six demolished homes with six new residential units, five of which will be purchased by the council. Additionally, the club's management will allocate £330,000 (€ 389,000) to the new parking zones and £100,000 (118,000 €) to cycle lanes.

The displaced residents will receive a 12-month notice to help them relocate. Three years ago it was thought that all formalities and construction works would be completed before the start of the current season.

Selhurst Park, London
© Crystal Palace FC / KSS Design Group

However, this did not happen. Moreover, the club has to buy a piece of land from the owner of a nearby supermarket that is adjacent to the ground. The conclusion of an agreement on this matter is close to being finalised.

It is estimated that the cost of revamping the main stand will be £75-100m (€89-118m). The tribune is to receive 5 levels of back-up facilities and its architecture will refer to the symbols of the club: the famous Crystal Palace pavilion from 1851 and eagle wings (they will be placed on the sides of the new stand).

What's more, 550 square metres are designated for new commercial space and the football pitch is to be extended by 4 metres. The club's management will soon announce the contractor of the works, the start of which is scheduled for the end of 2022.

Author: Tomasz Sobura