London: Tottenham receives further recognition from RIBA

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London: Tottenham receives further recognition from RIBA After the recent regional awards, now the new Spurs stadium was acknowledged with the 2021 RIBA National Award, extending the long list of distinctions received since opening.


London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has received one more award over the passing week, already the 17th overall and 2nd from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

First, back in August, the venue received the regional RIBA London Award, among some 40 projects delivered in London between 2019 and 2020 (last year the awards were postponed because of COVID-19). Now, the stadium was included in the list of RIBA National Awards. There are 54 projects rewarded in total.

With the regional and national accolade confirmed, now the stadium still stands a chance to receive the annual Stirling Prize, which would make it a unique ‘hat-trick’ in British architectural awards.

“The new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium project is a tour de force in stadium design, delivering an unparalleled experience for the multiple users of this collection of buildings. Uniquely, it is located on a high street, helping to embed it in the local community.” wrote the judging panel.

In total, the list of awards already received by the Populous-designed stadium counts 17 positions already, including for architecture, engineering and interior design. It's England's latest large stadium and most expensive one ever, with cost of over £800 million (£1+ billion with associated facilities). In terms of size, it's the second largest in the Premier League, holding nearly 63,000 fans already.

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